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Potluck/House Show Sunday
Susie Queue Posted at 2008/12/09 1:30am reply to

Susie Queue
Posts: 4
Hey everyone

I'm hosting a vegan potluck/house show on Sunday, Dec 14th.

There are a bunch of acoustic bands playing:
Jessie Williams (CA)
Andy Herrada (CA)
Myron Oak (WI)
Hunger Strike Riot (WI)
Aaron Goldman (TX)

You should all come, and bring food, and listen to music.

Show up with food at 6, music starts at 7.
4521 Ave C
Austin, TX 78751

Here's the flyer for it:

Chris Clavin had to cancel, and I'm not going to make people pay at the door. Donations for touring bands would be nice, though. But your company would be just as nice.
DRiot Posted at 2008/12/10 10:53am reply to

Posts: 201
What kind of music?
Susie Queue Posted at 2008/12/11 1:26am reply to

Susie Queue
Posts: 4
>What kind of music?

I'm not sure how to describe it...acoustic folk punk? Maybe? They all have myspace pages, if you want to hear.
Jessie, at least, is vegan. =)
MightyUtensil Posted at 2008/12/11 10:13pm reply to

Posts: 11
I'll be there!  Is there any theme for the food?
Susie Queue Posted at 2008/12/12 6:25pm reply to

Susie Queue
Posts: 4
Oh, I always forget to come up with a theme for food. So no.
One day, I'll remember that detail.

See you Sunday!
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