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Aquarena Springs to be Demolished
erick Posted at 2008/10/17 11:26am reply to

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No more diving ducks and swimming pigs (I heard the swimming pig gimmick was retired a while a go, though.) No more mermaids drinking soda underwater. I can't say I'm too upset about it, in fact from the article it sounds like a really good thing:

"The goal of restoring the land at the center to its natural appeal began in 1999 and was deemed the Aquatic Ecosystem Restoration Project by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers.

The construction company will be overturning man-made structures and restoring the habitat that once existed in the natural springs area. The plans call for a demolition of the theme park structures that used to entertain thousands of visitors yearly, and the cultivation of trees and native plants to the area."

Don't worry, the glass bottom boats will stay.
malinda Posted at 2008/10/18 12:22pm reply to

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I did visit there this summer and they have been working really hard on restoring the springs for the past few years.  They said that removing some of the non-native plants has been a real challenge.  I'm glad that they are getting funding for this.  I did tour on the glass bottomed boat and seeing the water actually leaving the aquifer was an amazing experience for me.  There is a lot of research that is done there and also there was a huge archaeological dig there that found some of the earliest signs of human existence in this area.  Thanks for posting this!
DRiot Posted at 2008/10/18 6:31pm reply to

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I've REALLY been wanting to go visit, hike around, and explore nature. I didn't realize it was such a terrible place, that it was harming the environment (I'd never been), but had only heard good things about the hikes and boat tours.
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