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Raw vegan cafe
Goliboboli Posted at 2008/10/05 7:21pm reply to

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I just got back from Town Lake (or "Lady Bird Lake," as it's supposed to be called now) and a stop at the Daily Juice (yuuuuum...) and the cashier informed me that the owners are going to be opening a third Daily Juice and a raw food cafe somewhere around the corner of Duval and 45th (I think, maybe, where a small car repair place was).  

I didn't get many details because the shop was busy, but I believe she said that it will be opening in about a month.

Hope it does well...

bpmojo Posted at 2008/10/06 12:04am reply to

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so wanna work there
VegGoddess Posted at 2008/10/14 3:19pm reply to

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I work at Daily Juice a couple days a week, and yes, there will be a new location opening on the corner of 45th and Duvall in about 2-4 weeks. It's going to be so awesome having a quality raw restaurant in Austin. Sooo excited!!!
VegGoddess Posted at 2008/10/14 3:21pm reply to

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>so wanna work there

They are going to be pulling people out of the current two locations to go work at the new restaurant, so you could always drop off a resume and see if they're hiring. That'll probably be your best bet getting a job there happy
ilovemypitbull Posted at 2008/10/14 4:47pm reply to

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>I work at Daily Juice a couple days a week

Do you have any hints about what may be on the cafe menu (besides the regular Daily Juice fare)? I walk by this place almost every day, and I'm so excited. People in the neighborhood are anxious to see it open, and you guys definitely picked a good spot.
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