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John Posted at 2008/08/28 3:37pm reply to

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i've noticed this place on the drag but haven't given it much consideration, then i read this review. has anyone checked it out?
Moniker Posted at 2008/08/28 8:14pm reply to

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mark Posted at 2008/08/31 7:40pm reply to

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I stopped in a while back to check out the menu.  The hostess was very friendly and when I asked her if she could tell me about their vegan options she started going through the menu with me and pointing them out. But then she asked "can vegans eat rice?" and I figured she was probably not the best person to be consulting with about the vegan-ness (veganity?) of the menu. Also, it looked a tad on the expensive side.
Stella Posted at 2008/09/01 12:34am reply to

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Hey, y'all!  I wrote this review.  It's going to be an ongoing series for Austinist called Austin (Veggie Bites).  I am only reviewing vegan menu items, but will occasionally talk about vegetarian options, where appropriate.  For instance, on my trip to Crave, a friend came along and had a vegetarian pad thai with tofu and eggs, so I included that to broaden my review.

They edited it a bit, too.  See my blog for further thoughts on Crave:

kayla Posted at 2008/09/02 9:27am reply to

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malinda and i went the other nite...  i doubt i'll be going back.  the service was mediocre at best.  the food was okay, nothing too great, and both of our meals were room temperature.  there's just too many other good asian restaurants in this town for me to go back to one where my experience was average.
malinda Posted at 2008/09/06 5:26pm reply to

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yeah, i agree with kayla that i won't be rushing back to crave.  the flavor of my food was fine, but it seemed like the whole dish had been microwaved or reheated, but still wasn't even all the way hot.  the rice seemed like it was boil in a bag or something.  plus the lackluster service didn't help matters out...
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