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Upstate NY help
bpmojo Posted at 2008/07/15 12:14pm reply to

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So I am going to be in upstate NY for a couple days next week with family and was wondering if anyone had any suggestions for food/rad stuff. I know most of these places are smaller towns but if anyone has any suggestions that would be grand.

I will be flying into Burlington and then driving to St. Albans for the day/night.

Then I will be in Lake Placid (staying at the crown plaza hotel) for a couple days.

Lastly will spend an afternoon in Albany.
Ross Posted at 2008/07/15 2:21pm reply to

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i'll try to talk to my buddy in upstate ny soon to see if he has some suggestions, he's vegetarian so he may be able to help out.
Mandrew Posted at 2008/07/15 10:00pm reply to

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I don't know anything about the other places but I lived in Albany for 5 years.

In Albany go to :

Little Anthony's has vegan meatball subs, chicken parm, and pizza that are all very legit
Mamoun's, they have the best falafel I've had in the states.  
Honest Weight Food Co-Op has really cheap sandwiches, salads, bulk stuff
Pepper Jacks has good cheap tabouli and hummus wraps and vegan fries
Ichiban has good sushi and really good orange spiced tofu
BFS deli has huge falafel, eggplant, and tabouli pita sandwiches
Shalimar Indian food, they only things that are vegan are the curry items and the wheat roti, but hey they are honest about it and thats what counts

15 miles outside Albany is a place called Antipastos in Clifton Park which is high quality, high priced Italian food.  They have a great bar, great nightly specials, if the family is fronting the money this is the place to go
bpmojo Posted at 2008/07/23 8:14pm reply to

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mandrew have you been here?

its an all vegan place in albany

its closed on sundays though, which is when I'm gonna be there : (
DRiot Posted at 2008/08/18 10:59pm reply to

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Ahh, sorry I missed this - PM me next time before you plan a trip. I am from that area.
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