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South America?
Goliboboli Posted at 2008/07/02 11:12pm reply to

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I am getting ready to head off to South America for a couple of weeks and just thought to myself:  Wouldn't it be fantastically lovely if any fellow vegans had experience traveling vegan-ly in sudamerica and could generously provide helpful tips for eating?

I have been all-vegan for several years and have traveled throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, Mexico, and the Middle East during that time and not starved (despite many terribly-less-than stellar and in-the rear-view-mirror-I-can-now-laugh-about-them culinary experiences), mainly eating fresh fruits and vegetables. But that can get to be a bit boring sometimes and...

in preparation for the trip I have heard from many people many warnings about being careful with the fruits and vegetables--namely, washing them really well.  But then there comes the issue of the water quality, which is pretty sketchy...And then WATCH OUT! here comes the issue of bottled water, which results in tons of plastic land-filling bottles, which I don't feel that great about...

I figure I've traveled to some pretty vegan-unfriendly places in the past and know I'll definitely manage, BUT........

So, in short, does anyone have any helpful ideas?

If you have read all of this and have now almost reached the end, I thank you.

THE END (you: sigh of relief)
Craig? Posted at 2008/07/02 11:36pm reply to

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I'm wondering if anyone on this board truly has an answer to this.

I would bring tons of vegan jerky, dried fruit, nuts, and other random crap that would keep well... but I dunno.  you gotta be hardcore to live on that shit.
ilovemypitbull Posted at 2008/07/03 7:53pm reply to

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Well, I ate for three and a half weeks in Argentina as a vegan in 1999. It was actually pretty easy, but I have an iron stomach. How easy it will be will depend on where you're traveling.

I found that even outside of the city in Argentina I could get vegan bread and peanut butter. I even found packaged vegan cookies I could eat. You may be surprised what's accidentally vegan at the supermarket. My Spanish isn't great, but the ingredients tend to be simpler down there - so easier to verify as vegan.

Also, I took acidophilus religiously and ate lots of fresh produce. I didn't drink the water though. No digestion problems at all for me, but you could play it safe and only eat bananas, oranges, etc.
Ross Posted at 2008/07/04 8:56am reply to

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Yeah, even though it sucks to always use plastic for drinking water, I would recommend it. Also, eating the produce with skins would be wise as noted above. Elle and I went to the market in Mexico and got some collard greens, broccoli and some other stuff to make dinner, and everything around the market was a little dreary looking.

Anyway, long story short I ended up getting a bad parasite and had digestive problems for about 6 months. It was not fun. For a while I could only eat a couple bites at each meal before feeling terrible and not being able to eat anymore.
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