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deodorant - need recommendation
Gabriel Posted at 2008/12/04 9:34am reply to

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Botox is also dairy-derived.  I actually researched it a while back because I have palmar hyperhidrosis.  There are devices that work really well for hyperhidrosis, but the good ones are costly and require sitting daily with the affected area in water with an electric current running through it.  (See for an explanation of this therapy.)

Surgery is also an option, but I wouldn't recommend getting your nerves cut since it can have tremendous side effects and there could be compensatory sweating in other areas.  

I don't think Brian was asking about hyperhidrosis though.  I think he was asking more about effective vegan deodorants, which isn't necessarily related to how much someone sweats.
Kristen Posted at 2008/12/04 2:27pm reply to

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>the "apricot" Tom's leaves me smelling fruity all day.  I'm, like, constantly telling people to wiff my pitts.

haha, thats the same brand and scent i use, and it's awesome. its the only one thats really worked well, that i've tried.
Ross Posted at 2008/12/04 3:13pm reply to

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I don't think anyone here can claim the title of 100% vegan, we all know that there are things we can't get around when it comes to animal products, and I don't think people were trying to point any fingers, just letting others know that there may be animal-related issues with the method mentioned.

You have to realize that this being a vegan-oriented board, people are going to talk about that stuff when the subject comes up. It's not about anyone being more vegan than another.
jen Posted at 2008/12/04 3:28pm reply to

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Ross is totally right, sorry if it was taken the wrong way.  I take bc pills that probably aren't vegan, so i'm not one to talk...but it's just the thread started because someone was looking for a vegan alternative to aluminum deodorent, so i just wanted to point out that botox wouldn't fit that bill because people look to this board for vegan options and i didn't want any confusion, if that makes any sense.
Gabriel Posted at 2008/12/04 4:38pm reply to

Posts: 833
In my case, I just think that we should have all the facts and know whether or not something is vegan and, if not, whether or not there are vegan alternatives.  In some cases there are, but in other cases (tires) there aren't.  So, hopefully, it didn't come across as finger pointing.  That wasn't my intention.
BrittlePants Posted at 2012/09/01 10:48pm reply to

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Seeing as this post is over 4 years old, I thought I'd revive it to see what new brands of deodorant people are using these days. I started using Queen Helena aloe deodorant maybe six months ago and thought it worked pretty good (I just applied it once in the morning and was good all day). But they changed their formula recently and it just doesn't work anymore. Reapplying throughout the day isn't really an option for me because it starts to irritate me if applied more than once.

Any good recommendations? Tom's also really irritates my skin. I've been thinking about going back to using Ban, which i just found out is not tested on animals (at least according to their website), but it is aluminum based.
KatieB Posted at 2012/09/02 11:47pm reply to

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>>the "apricot" Tom's leaves me smelling fruity all day.  I'm, like, constantly telling people to wiff my pitts.

I use this one too, but it doesn't keep the area dry, just not stinky. And if I use it right after shaving, it burns like a mother! I'd like to find an aluminum-free alternative. I grabbed another Tom's kind once when I wasn't paying attention, and of course it has aluminum, so it's my back-up for occasions when I MUST have dry pits.
Jessica. Posted at 2012/09/03 10:44pm reply to

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The best vegan deodorant (and aluminum-free). It's sold at Sephora, and comes in a variety of scents.

Yes, it's $18, but it's worth every penny. Try it!

ETA: just saw on their website, they have a "mini" one for $10. That's a good way to test it out before becoming a full on committed Lavanila cult follower.
Daiya-Bollich Posted at 2012/09/04 1:28pm reply to

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I haven't used deodorant in at least a couple of years. Whenever I have BO I assume it's a dietary problem and try to clean up what I'm eating. I also shave my armpits every few weeks or so.
KateS Posted at 2012/09/04 10:08pm reply to

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I second Lavanilla.  Love it!

Also, here's another thread where people were talking about deodorant:
TK Posted at 2012/09/07 1:04pm reply to

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I third Lavanilla, I also like Kiss My Face Liquid Rock, but Lavanilla is the best I've found.
Amelia Posted at 2012/09/07 2:06pm reply to

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I've use the Aromaco from LUSH for about 5 years - it's really awesome.,en_US,sc.html
BeccaGreenIsland Posted at 2012/09/16 12:12am reply to

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I had to keep throwing out deoderants...even the natural ones were giving me rashes (I think something weird is happening where my body is getting more and more sensitive to all sorts of things) anyway, I was using Tom's for a while and it started to give me a rash,I tried Nature's Gate-same thing, so I use the crystal salt stick now and it actually works pretty good. It does need re-applying if you're going to be working out all day but I'm impressed with how well it works for just being plain old salt.

For dishwasher detergent, I have used both Meyer's clean day tablets and 7th Generation with great results. Actually I think they clean better than the liquid non-vegan versions now and no bleach in the air when running the dishwasher ! happy
weigand Posted at 2012/09/16 12:38am reply to

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Thai Deodorant crystal and variations for me. The ones in solid form, not the liquid spray. Seems to work just as well as any of the mainstream deodorant roll-ons and such.

- Steve
shumila Posted at 2012/09/17 4:33pm reply to

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I bought Lavanilla summer vanilla scent from Sephora last week. It's basically "ok". Not magically awesome like I assumed it would be. The crystal deodorants have been sufficient for me so far. Although after epilating I generally swipe witch hazel across my pits so that may be helping keep BO down as well.
SteveC Posted at 2012/12/23 9:46am reply to

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Cassandra Posted at 2013/03/13 3:21pm reply to

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I finally bought Lavanila. It's held up okay through a few workouts. I don't smell like roses, but I don't smell like a dirty hippy or a crust punk either. No offense to either. As the temperature rises, though, I'm not sure if Lavanila  will withstand a Texas summer.

Has anyone tried Soapwalla? The editor of the Hairpin seems to love it. It's vegan and aluminum free.

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