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Tree Nut Cheeses
ilikegiants Posted at 2008/04/17 8:53pm reply to

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My first experiment at fermenting almonds and cashews is sitting in my cupboard right now (haha, and it's going to be awful!).  If anyone has experience, or wants to figure out how to do this, I'd love the help.  What could be more fun than standing around and patiently waiting!? (I'll bring beer...)

(and, this is my first post, so 'hi austin vegans!' )

Ripe Tomato Posted at 2008/04/17 10:52pm reply to

Ripe Tomato
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Wow.  That definitely looks like an aged Parmesan-style cheese.  Crazy.

I'm the middle of teaching a raw series, and the first class was all about fermenting.  Fermented macadamia nut cheese is by far my favorite fermented nut cheese--has a great texture, good smell, amazing versatility.  It's (I think, because I've never had the dairy version) similar to goat cheese in its texture and even slightly in its taste, depending on how you season it(for a savory spread I like it with fresh tarragon and ume vinegar).  It's also suitable as a cream cheese alternative for spreading or making a raw strawberry mousse pie.  I'm sure cashews make a great cheese, but I feel like almonds might  stay a little bit gritty and not get really smooth.
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