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So Delicious Yogurt
malinda Posted at 2008/04/15 1:45pm reply to

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This weekend I was really excited to find these in Whole Foods and bought the cinnamon bun, blueberry, and vanilla flavors.  The raspberry wasn't available and I'm not a huge peach fan.  

Usually a soy yogurt is part of my lunch at work since it doesn't require me to do much other than stick it in a bag.  Yesterday I ate the cinnamon bun and it was strongly cinnamon-flavored.  I wasn't in love with it, but will try it again.  Today I opened the blueberry one and it was spoiled and so I didn't try it.  Hopefully this won't be the norm...
Gabriel Posted at 2008/04/15 4:13pm reply to

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I have tried the cinnamon bun, blueberry, cherry, and raspberry.  I liked them all, but I also didn't enjoy the cinnamon bun quite as much as I had expected.  I thought it would taste like a warm, doughy cinnamon bun!  Is that too much to ask? awesome
bpmojo Posted at 2008/04/15 6:59pm reply to

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I like Nancy's :organic and sweetened with amasake and agave, no wacky ingredients, and like 2.50 for a quart (pint?) and I think its more like "bulgarian yogurt?" than like....danaminals haha
karen Posted at 2008/04/16 2:24pm reply to

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I tried this for the first time last week and meant to post. Malinda, that sucks you had a not-so-good experience.

I hate yogurt. Whole Soy, Silk, Stoneyfield Farms (back when it was vegan)... you name it. Hate it. But I try to force myself to eat it from time to time because I want that good bacteria stuff.

I had the blueberry So Delicious yogurt... and LOVED IT!! no weird aftertaste that yogurt usually leaves behind. Nice whipped texture. sweet enough, but not too sweet. I steared clear of cinnamon bun cause I don't like things too too sweet and that just sounded like bad news.

I bought raspberry and will try later.
Gabriel Posted at 2008/04/16 9:23pm reply to

Posts: 833
That's weird, Karen....I liked them all but found that for me they did have a bit of an aftertaste.  Taste is such a subjective thing.
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