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year of the dog
Robin Posted at 2008/03/01 2:42pm reply to

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has anyone seen this movie?  So interesting...and like a dramatic comedy.  The director is Mike Something (same guy who did school of rock) and starts Molly Shannon.  But anyway, the movie is centered on animal activism and veganism and of course, dogs.  You should see it.  I did cry, though, so there is a semi-sappy warning.
Craig? Posted at 2008/03/01 5:48pm reply to

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I've heard good things about this movie.  haven't seen it, but it sounds interesting.

it's directed by the dude who did School of Rock and has Molly Shannon in it?  wasn't aware of that.  Molly Shannon must like dogs... she was also in "Good Boy" - which is cinematic genius, by the way.  just kidding.
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