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Paddles Emergency
lmillar3 Posted at 2008/02/20 10:21am reply to

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Greetings Austin!

Brian and I are of course missing life down there, especially as it is so cold up here in the Boston area.

I am sorry to keep posting with pet issues, but a new one has developed and I am desperate for help! When we moved back to Boston we had to leave 2 of our kitties behind (Trouble and Paddles). We left them in a home that we thought was going to work out, but unfortunately did not. Right now my friend in the Fort Worth area has them, but some issues are developing. Paddles is extremely, extremely shy, but once you put in time to get to know her she is a true sweatheart who loves to sit in your lap (on her terms of course) and purrs with happiness. Because of her personality she is prone to behavioral issues with the litter. You may remember I posted last summer about having some similar problems - the stress of the new home, the trip down to Austin, getting an eye infection, the puppy - we think all led to a UTI and no litter use. We gave her antibiotics and bought a new type of litter and the problem went away. Well right now she is having her litter issues in my friends house. This is especially bad for them because they have 3 cats of their own (now Paddles and Trouble as well) and they have 4 children, 5 and under, with the littlest one just learning to crawl. Obvioulsy they cannot have kitty accidents all over the house for the health of the children and they do not want the other cats to start developing issues as well. They have tried their friends, coworkers, and fellow church members with no luck. There is no way that Brian and I can take them back right now - there is no way for us to get them up here and we do not have a place where they can stay even if we did get them here. I am desperately hoping that one of you or someone you might know would be willing to take Paddles (and Trouble if you are interested) in to give her a special, patient home. She would be better is a quieter house, we always thought she would do best with just a human couple and maybe another cat or two - once she gets to know you she will love you. The only other option we seem to have right now is taking her to the shelter, but due to her behavioral issues they probably will not take her, which leaves the pound. We may get lucky there, but you just never know and it seems like putting her down will be the final outcome.

If you have any help to offer please let me know. We would love to find a safe, loving home for both of them (but Paddles is of course the main concern b/c Trouble will fit in anywhere). You can reply to this post, email me at: or even call my cell phone 508-934-6230 (verizon). We do not want her to go the shelter/pound!
Gabriel Posted at 2008/02/20 2:32pm reply to

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Sorry to hear about may want to also post in the General Chat area, since I think more people will see it that way.  I wish that I could take the kitties, but I can't take any others right now.  Please don't let them take to the pound.  The Humane Society in Austin takes cats with this type of issue.  You may want to check with the one in Fort Worth.  It sounds more medical and definitely treatable, so I don't see why they wouldn't.  They won't euthanize, so it is the way to go if you can't find a home any other way.
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