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brown bagging it
jen Posted at 2008/02/04 11:52am reply to

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hey guys, i am getting so bored of the lunches i bring to work i thought i'd see if any of you had any good ideas.  ick, i am eating a thing of canned beans and rice from the eden brand and it is nasty!  it was my attempt to try something different.  bryan and i are both tofurkey'd out so we're taking a much needed break from fake meat sandwiches.  i like the eggless egg salad stuff that you can, i have been making sandwiches with that.  also, i like amy's buritto's once and a while, but the other amy's frozen meals just don't really fill me and for $4.50 i feel like i rather spend an extra $2-3 and go out to eat something.

anyway, what do you all bring for lunch?  i am looking for some simple ideas i can throw together in the, no cooking if possible:-)
Ross Posted at 2008/02/04 6:39pm reply to

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many times i end up bringing tacos. i love the southwestern tortillas from heb, so i'll often sautee up some tempeh or seitan or tofu and peppers/onions
(or whatever other vegetables i have) in some oil and soy sauce, maybe some herbs.  

tacos seem to be the quickest thing for me next to sandwiches. sometimes i make a cheesy pasta w/ mushrooms and tofu.
jen Posted at 2008/02/05 8:32am reply to

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oh hey, that brings up a good subject...which tortillas at HEB are vegan...i see crap in all of them that can go either way, so i usually end up just getting at whole foods...but, it'd be nice to do one stop shopping once in a while! the southwestern are..are there any others?

p.s. i don't wake up early enough to sautee :-)  i think i am going to make some hummus this weekend though, so we can have that during the week.  
Craig? Posted at 2008/02/05 9:28am reply to

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yeah, hummus, tabouli and pita are always a good quick lunch.  that stuff in a box makes a lot and is pretty good, especially the tabouli.

my "Wesley's Hangover Surprise" (recipes section) is also good for a quick meal.  it does require some cooking but it is way simple and heats back up great!
kellycakes Posted at 2008/02/05 9:47am reply to

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A few things I do:

Apple slices dipped into a blended concoction of peanut butter, Tofutti or Earth Balance "cream cheese," and brown sugar.

Saute some portobellos in Braggs, garlic powder, cayenne pepper (or whatever feels good at the moment) the night before and keep them in the fridge overnight. Spread some avocado on thick sliced bread/toast, layer mushrooms, sliced jicama, lettuce, tomato, sprouts, onion, etc. Veganaise, Tofutti Cream Cheese, or sliced vegan cheeze are also options. I usually make the sandwich AT WORK, as opposed to assembling it in the morning, as the mushroom juice will make the bread soggy.

You can make salads/wraps with hummus, sun-dried tomatoes, black olives, and baby spinach. Or spinach, walnuts/pecans, dried cranberries, with balsamic vinegrette. Oooh ooh! One of my fave sandwich/wrap toppings is Tofutti Cream Cheese mixed with salsa! Just smear it all over a tortilla and roll it up and cut into slices. It makes a great snack! Or add to it with some vegan refried beans, olives, lettuce, etc.

Cubed cooked tempeh, corn, black beans, chopped roasted red pepper (basically any other veggie that you want), and barbecue sauce. It can be served either warm or cold.

Also, check out these blogs:
jen Posted at 2008/02/05 10:58am reply to

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thanks guys.  kayla pointed me to this recipe posted in the recipe section of this message board by lisa.  it sounds really yummy and like something i could put together over the weekend and keep in the fridge for lunches so i thought i'd post in this thread in case someone else wants to use it:

jen Posted at 2008/08/05 12:59pm reply to

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hey guys,

i started this thread back in february, but recently have found a great solution to office lunches i thought i'd pass on.  i've been running to HEB and getting either one of those thai kitchen noodle soups (the garlic one is vegan)or a microwavable brown rice and then a bag of frozen stir fry veggies and a package of the morning star chicken meal starter things.  Also, some mrs. dash and sirachi for added flavor.  this suits my needs well because i don't have to prepare anything the night before (i just can't deal with that) and here at work i can dump it all in a bowl and microwave it.  it's not gourmet by any means, but it's easy, cheap, tastes good, sort of healthy and with the meal starters and veggies it keeps me full till dinner.  also, i like to leave the office even if it's just for 5 minutes at some point in the day, so running to HEB to pick up the stuff keeps me happy.  the meal starters lasts me 3 days of food, so the $2.99 is minimal and the veggies last me about 3-4 days too and they're only like $1.50.

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