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The Steeping Room
Robin Posted at 2008/01/21 8:27am reply to

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Hello compassionate people!
We recently discovered a new restaurant with some vegan options, and it's really good!  Obviously it is the steeping room in the Domain.  It is a charming tea room with hot and cold tea service, and a great menu.  I had the cashew caesar (with additional baked tofu) and Stephen ate the ginger tofu sandwich.  THEN, as if a question-free vegan meal was not good enough, it was finished off with a molasses and chocolate chip cookie to eat with my chai latte.  mmm mmm.  Also, the head chef and co-owner is a long time veggie and has said they are open to making whatever you want, and modifying the menu.  So, it's not like there are LOTS of strictly vegan items, but it is definitely an option for eating out.
Please go, and report back with your experiences!
jen Posted at 2008/01/21 8:30am reply to

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yeah, i love that place.  i took my parents there when they visited and they liked it too, so it's a good place to take your omnivore family and everyone is happy.  i like the ginger tofu sandwich, but am wanting to try that caesar next time i go!  also, the ice tea is good and very refreshing on a hot day.
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