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sweet and sara marshmellows
jen Posted at 2008/01/09 12:45pm reply to

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oh my god!  these things are amazing.  just like i remember marshmallows (well...minus the hard outter skin).  anyway, if anyone has been missing marshmallows, you have to get these!
mattabo71 Posted at 2008/01/09 2:08pm reply to

Posts: 446
how sad is it that there's a place in Denton that carries these - but not Austin!!
jeff Posted at 2008/01/09 4:02pm reply to

Posts: 468
Yeah, I meant to pick some up in NY!  I know Sara from animal rights stuff years back.  Maybe I can write and ask her to get in touch with Wheatsville if Whole Foods doesn't start carrying them.  The news clip on their makes it sound like WF may do that.
jen Posted at 2008/01/09 5:26pm reply to

Posts: 1075
this is what your talking about, right?


SWEET & SARA NOW IN WHOLE FOODS NY, NJ AND CT (in the grab-n-go dessert cooler)!!! We are just too excited.

what makes me SO *mad*! is how the whole foods in nj carries so many more vegan goodies then the CORPORATE whole foods here in austin.  i just don't get it.  my mom always has cupcakes and stuff from whole foods nj.  i mean, i know the whole foods here does have good vegan stuff (like their gelato!)and so i really need not be this bitter, but...i just don't get why nj has more.  i feel like i've met more vegans in austin then i have in nj.

end rant now :-)
kellycakes Posted at 2008/01/30 11:40am reply to

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I ordered some of these from I brought them along with some Ricemilk Choco bars and amaranth graham crackers to a camping trip I went to and they were amazing! Hands down best s'mores ever! Has anyone tried the coconut variety? I'm wary to spend so much on a tiny package if they're just going to be too sweet.
jen Posted at 2008/01/30 12:30pm reply to

Posts: 1075
>>Has anyone tried the coconut variety?

the coconut variety rocked!

when it gets warmer we should have a smore's party meetup! happy
kayla Posted at 2008/07/31 4:58pm reply to

Posts: 485
i sent an email to sweet & sara asking about availability in austin.  here's their response:

We just sent some info to Wheatsville in Austin but it is sooo hot in Austin
I don't think it's possible to ship.  The marshmallows and smores would
melt.  Please bug your Whole Foods - they were very interested.  In the fall
we'd love to ship to Austin.


Sweet & Sara

* Making life a little sweeter for your health, the animals, and the planet
we share *
Ripe Tomato Posted at 2008/07/31 6:50pm reply to

Ripe Tomato
Posts: 460
They're totally right about them melting.  I ordered some from veganessentials in early April a few years ago and when they arrived all three varieties had melted pretty bad.  The coconut and plain were decent and still totally s'more-ready, but the chocolate was a foamy, sludgey mess.

I'm really curious about the vegan marshmallow making kits, but they're pretty expensive.  Fresh marshmallows look so soft and fluffy.
bpmojo Posted at 2008/07/31 6:59pm reply to

Posts: 655
On a total whim I bought a tub of ricemellow creme today from sunharvest south and had a banana/ricemellow/raw almond butter/toasted ezekiel sandwhich for dessert.

the stuff is pretty good, a little too sweet for my taste but pretty close if not a fluffy and less dense version of marshmellow fluff.
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