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Hot Dog Advice Requested
lasberry Posted at 2008/01/03 8:11am reply to

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Hey amigos,
What are the best brands of vegan hot dogs that can be bought at a supermarket?
And what supermarkets?
jen Posted at 2008/01/03 9:04am reply to

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tofurkey makes some really good weiner shaped foods, like their sausage and brat wurst.  sun harvest and whole foods usually carry them.
Craig? Posted at 2008/01/03 2:27pm reply to

Posts: 1796
"weiner shaped foods"  he he he.  I can't stop laughing.

I like the Yves brand veggie dogs.  Tofu pups are a joke.  don't waste your money.

I cut mine longways in half and grill them on a skillet.  those Rudi's hot dog buns are fantastic too.
CharlesV Posted at 2008/01/06 11:15pm reply to

Posts: 103
the tofurkey franks (i've seen them at whole foods) are hands down the best vegan dogs i've had. If you want them to be extra delicious / extra terrible for you, sautee in some earth balance as well
Viona999 Posted at 2008/01/07 11:39am reply to

Posts: 28
I have tried all the Tofurkey frank/bratwurst/hot dog links and they are so gross to me. The only Tofurkey products I like are the deli meats and the roast. But that's favorite vegan dogs are LightLife Smart Menu Jumbo Dogs or the regular size of the same brand. Yves are my second favorite brand though, but I don't care for the tofu pups either. I have found vegan dogs at HEB, Sun Harvest, Whole Foods, and I'm sure Wheatsville would have them too. Oh, and when I don't feel like making my own at home, Dog Almighty is always there for me with their yummy vegan chili dogs!

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