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lmillar3 Posted at 2007/12/13 10:29am reply to

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It seems that Brian and I have move back to the Northeast this coming weekend and we will not be able to take our animals. We have found a home for our kitties Trouble and Paddles, but Bean is a little more challenging. Bean is now about 9 months old, 40ish pounds, and mostly Australian Shepherd. She could certainly use some more training, but she does sit and she responds to simple commands for the most part. I don't want to mislead you - she is a very good dog, but she is very energetic and loves to run around. She has been fixed, is up to date on her shots, and is very healthy. One interesting quirk of hers is that so far she only likes to go to the bathroom on a walk (no quick out in the back yard for her). This is not a problem as long as you don't mind taking her out a few times a day to do her thing. We are are devastated that we have to give her up and really want a good home for her, perhaps one that is a little more dog oriented than ours and perhaps one that already has a dog?

The big issue is that we are currently in the Fort Worth area - we are staying with some friends. If anyone knows of an animal lover in the area or who would be willing to make a road trip this way please let us know. This is very last minute (we thought we were going to be able to bring her with us) and I apologize, but we are leaving tomorrow, or at least no later than Saturday.

I will have sporadic access to the internet today (we are packing), but please feel free to call me at any time: 508-934-6230.

Thank you!
karen Posted at 2007/12/13 12:14pm reply to

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I don't know of anyone who can take in a dog at the moment, but if it's any incentive to those who may be interested, SPIRAL DINER is in Fort Worth, so the trip would be worth your while!

Best of luck!
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