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lmillar3 Posted at 2007/10/17 8:56am reply to

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I am sorry if someone already posted something on this topic, but I just saw this the other day and am now torn between wanting to avoid logging onto craigslist to boycott and wanting to log on daily and take home all the "free" pets to save them from the fate mentioned in the link (obvioulsy if I took them all home, I would be one of those "crazy" animal people who ends up doing more harm than good!).

I guess the best thing is to support the campaign and hope that craigslist changes their policies (I think a required rehoming fee is not too much to ask to ensure the safety of these animals). The picture they provide of Taylor is heartbreaking!

~I realized after the first posting in general discussion that this is probably the more appropriate location - sorry.
Saffronchef Posted at 2007/10/25 1:27pm reply to

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God that never would have even occurred to me.  Ack.
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