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rhizome collective?
geoff Posted at 2005/08/11 1:49pm reply to

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Have you guys heard of this place or been there? It sounds really cool... I think you can go take tours and stuff. Check it.

Ross Posted at 2005/08/11 3:55pm reply to

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Rhizome site

here's a site i made for my design class, i never really finished it as i'm not satisfied with the interior design and macs don't do too well with it. but anyway i interviewed scott kellogg there at the rhizome about their brownfield project, really great stuff they're doing. totally inspirational.
simon Posted at 2005/08/12 7:58pm reply to

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yeah, it's a cool place to learn and develop new skills and they have events and shows there. in fact, there's one saturday. Not sure if the tours are back on yet (sept?) It would be cool to do a VRA day out and tour there one saturday. check out their garden, biodiesel, greywater system and other sustainable projects.  

saintimothy Posted at 2005/08/17 3:34am reply to

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my good friend from colorado's cousin runs it... yeah, they have some great ideas....
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