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Harvest Moon Ride
malinda Posted at 2007/09/22 10:30am reply to

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I know that I mentioned this bicycle ride to some of you last night.  I'm going, so let me know if anyone else is interested!

This is the info from the Yellow Bike site:

HARVEST MOON RIDE - The annual Harvest Moon Ride is coming up on the night of Saturday, September 29th. The ride starts at 2am (past midnight) on the Lamar Pedestrian Bridge (view map). The ride, lit by the full moon and hundreds of blinkie lights, takes you 25 miles (never fear - pit-stops), lasts for 2-3 hours, and deposits you on top of a downtown parking garage just in time for breakfast and the sunrise. Come bike with us on the most popular group ride in Austin. Here are some old posters for the ride from the Austin Bike Culture Archive to get you excited. See you there - don't be late!

Jacob Posted at 2007/09/22 1:44pm reply to

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I've wanted to go the last 2 years, but every time, I always get way too tired before it even starts and just go to sleep instead.  Hope I can make it this year.
bpmojo Posted at 2007/09/22 1:48pm reply to

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im def going!

we should do breakfast somewhere afterwards? is there anyplace that opens that early with vegan breakfast? I guess bouldin creek opens at 7 and there's always kerbey lane pancakes
Jacob Posted at 2007/09/29 5:35pm reply to

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