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PCRM in Austin Monday
. Posted at 2007/03/23 8:03pm reply to

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Ross Posted at 2007/03/23 8:20pm reply to

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Craig? Posted at 2007/03/23 8:23pm reply to

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Even though they are definitely biased, they are biased in my direction... so I Heart the PCRM.

I may just go check that out.
Jacob Posted at 2007/03/26 10:01pm reply to

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how was it?
. Posted at 2007/03/26 10:52pm reply to

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>how was it?

It was great.  It's amazing how effective Dr. Barnard's approach to veganism is--focusing on health, without once mentioning the AR side of it.  The majority of the audience was there due to health issues (definitely victims of the SAD) and would've been turned off to hear any mention of animal suffering.  I volunteered and helped with selling books and I still can't believe how many were sold.  Very few of the people had even heard the term vegan before the lecture.  They were SO exciting about trying this new miracle diet!    
lisatalev Posted at 2007/03/29 10:32am reply to

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damn...i missed it!  yeah, anyone not familiar with dr. neal barnard should try to see him speak if they can.  despite his 'bias', he is so good at presenting himself/his arguments in a clear, calm, accessible way.  that's why i think he's such a good reference for people wanting to learn more about the vegan diet, or people's parents/spouses/friends who worry that their loved ones won't be healthy if they go vegan.  he can present just about anything in a non-confrontational, welcoming manner, and he's really good at disspelling cultural myths about diet.  
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