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Food For Energy
Meghanpolkadot Posted at 2007/02/26 1:12pm reply to

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I dont know if anyone remembers me from a while back i was the high school student who wanted to be a i am now finally. The only problem that i noticed is that i never have any energy at school. i go to school and hour earlier and stay after 2 hours later for extracurricular activities and by the end of the day i can barely walk around. So i was just wondering if anyone has any tips for food that gives you enough energy to get through the day thats also quick and doesn't require cooking and can be packaged to carry around in a back pack.
jeff Posted at 2007/02/26 2:14pm reply to

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Hey Meghan,

I would recommend Clif bars for energy, particularly the Builder's Bars, which have 20g of protein each.  Nuts are good too.  I personally like to have at least one big protein-based meal a day.  

This site is pretty helpful too:  

:( Posted at 2007/02/26 3:52pm reply to

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Hey Meghan, I just started taking B-12 dots, and I feel like freakin' SuperGirl!  Seriously. Congrats on making the switch! I'm off to go climb up the walls and take over the world....
. Posted at 2007/02/26 9:36pm reply to

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Congrats on becoming vegan, Meghan!  I would also recommend Luna Bars and Lara Bars.  Both are very tasty and convenient.  
Jacob Posted at 2007/02/27 4:17am reply to

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Cliff bars are awesome, but latly I've been snacking on lara bars and bora bars.  Bora bars taste the best and are certified vegan and organic, but hard to find.  (I get them at costco)
kaylawayla Posted at 2007/02/27 9:39am reply to

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>Hey Meghan, I just started taking B-12 dots, and I feel like freakin' SuperGirl!  Seriously. Congrats on making the switch! I'm off to go climb up the walls and take over the world....

What are B-12 dots?  I want some!  happy
Gabriel Posted at 2007/02/27 10:07am reply to

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Hey, Meghan-

First let me say that it's awesome that you made the switch to veganism!  happy

I think that it's great that you're asking these questions early on.  A lot of people experiment with veganism and don't do well because they simply eliminate animal products from their diet and leave the rest of it pretty much the same.  A balanced diet requires a variety of foods, so a diet consisting of french fries, potato chips, and beer is probably not going to cut it for long.  Or, there's the other "healthy" extreme of eating something like raw carrots and lettuce only. Diets such as these both qualify as vegan, but neither is all that healthy.  Not only that, these diets are not all that exciting.  Taste is also an important consideration.  It's my belief that the reason we have people who fail at veganism and then talk about how unhealthy they were as vegans is that they ate bland and unvaried diets that were nutritionally deficient.  Does this mean that a vegan diet is unhealthy?  Absolutely not!  A vegan diet that is balanced and delicious can be the healthiest choice you make.  And, one balanced vegan diet can look totallly different from another balanced vegan diet.  There is plenty to choose from, but it's important to cover all nutritional bases.

You're on the right track with your questions.  It's good to have some convenience foods such as the bars mentioned, but be careful about relying too heavily on any one convenience food.  These bars are often rich in protein and carbohydrates (including simple carbs or sugars), but they are not going to give you all of your necessary nutrients (vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients).  Also, these tend to be somewhat refined.  It's going to be important to include a variety of vegetables and fruits in your diet as well as some more calorie-dense foods (beans, starches, proteins).  There are some really good vegan nutrition books out there.  I'd recommend starting with the website that Jeff listed above.  Then, I'd read a few different books that specifically address vegan nutrition.  Some of the books will disagree with each other on specific points, which is why it's important to read a few to allow you to see what works for you.  I don't mean to make vegan nutrition sound complicated.  It really isn't.  You can easily plan a highly nutritious and delicious vegan diet, but it will help to re-educate yourself with vegan sources.  Then, get in your kitchen and make some creations using vegan recipes from vegan cookbooks or off the web.  There is a cornucopia of yummy vegan food out there, if you're willing to put a little time into making it.

For your specific concerns, you should probably take a look at your caloric intake.  Many new vegans do not eat enough calories because they don't know what to eat yet.  Without enough calories, you'll start to crash and burn quickly.  In addition, I'd highly recommend a vegan multivitamin.  You can get one from or  Please feel free to keep asking questions!  

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