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morningstar steak and chicken strips
jen Posted at 2007/01/31 3:03pm reply to

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has anyone tried these yet?  they are both vegan.  i was just curious if they were worthwhile and if anyone has prepared them any certain way they recommend.
chris Posted at 2007/01/31 9:30pm reply to

Posts: 340
a long time ago i used to make those into fajitas, and was loving it the first couple of times.  smokey flavor and all.
however, i quickly got weirded out by it.  my interest in fake meats comes and goes, and it's generally pretty low lately.  but definitely try it because they're high in protein and pretty tasty from what i remember.  the chicken was better because the steak flavor was too much.
seine_waters Posted at 2007/02/19 10:45pm reply to

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I like the steak ones cooked with teryaki sauce with bell pepper, pea pods, carrots, and bean sprouts.  I only get them once in a great while for nights where I feel too lazy to cook anything involved.
jen Posted at 2007/02/20 8:20am reply to

Posts: 1075
mmm, that sounds good with the teryaki.  i will have to give it a try!  thanks!
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