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Current recipes in alphabetical order:

        Bean Salad - Created by: junacquiesce

        Carrot mayonnaise (eggless) - Created by: lasberry

        Chazz Sauce - i.e. macaroni and Chazz - Created by: Tater Tot

        Green Goddess Guacamole Dip - Created by: sailor.moonray

        Kale Cranberry Pepita Salad - Created by: th9090

        Legendary Crock Cheeze - Created by: mattabo71

        Parsnips with Cilantro & Coconut - Created by: radicoolren

        Ranch Dressing from The Spiral Diner - Created by: mattabo71

        RAW Queso - Created by: mattabo71

        Southwestern Avocado and Corn Dip - Created by: kimchee

        Tofu Mozzarella Sticks - Created by: John

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