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Vegan Dog Food (wet) posted by cridget


I feed Serpico and Ezio "Natures Recipe" (dry) and I mix my own home made (wet) dog food with it.  You can always add other stuff or take stuff out (these are just the foods/minerals/etc. when I did my research that stood out as both essential and beneficial for them).  The blended lentils is what I was initially adamant about them getting for added protein but you could even add other mashed beans or quinoa (Mung is a good bean; high in protein). I also add L'Carnitine (an amino acid for their heart, they would normally get from animal flesh) and taurine 5 days a week). Sidenote: my stupid vet advised me to start feeding my dog lamb b/c of his skin allergies. I laughed in his face, did a little research when I got home and added flax oil to his diet. Those allergies, that were in such dire need of murdered lamb, disappeared within days.

Dog Food Recipe:

-2 bags (16oz) of lentils (cooked and blended--add the water or soy/rice milk to get the consistency you want)
- splashes of (unsweetened) soy/rice milk
- a few tbsp. wheat germ
- a few tsp. (sorry i'm not the measuring type i just kindof eye it) of flax meal (too much will give diarrhea).
- can throw in some steamed veggies (when i juice i save the veggies that are left over and add to their food)
- a few tbs. of nutritional yeast
- a few splashes of braggs
- a few tsp. of sawflower oil


Mix all together in super-duper large bowl and store in small containers for the week (I save those plastic Whole Foods containers or Earth Balance butter containers and store in those).  You should get about 5-6 12 oz containers full (which should last 5-7 days depending on how much you add each day to your dogs food.  Freeze the rest. Can double, triple or quadruple the recipe as desired or if you just don't feel like making dog food every week.

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