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Craig's Hangover Surprise posted by Craig?


This will cure any hangover.  Also its good if your still drunk... or just feelin lazy, whatever.

2 medium sized brown potatoes
1 cup sweet short grain brown rice (the kind that almost look like little circles)
2 cups water
Olive Oil
Annie's Goddess Dressing
Salt and Pepper


In a medium sauce pan, pour the rice and water and potatoes (you can cut them up if you please, sometimes that works better) Cover and bring to a boil.

Once boiling, set to simmer on low to medium low heat.

Once the rice has absorbed all the water, uncover and check to see if the potatoes are done... ya know, with a fork or something. If not, cut potatoes more and add water and simmer some more covered.

Once potatoes are soft, get a potato masher. Pour in some olive oil while you are mashing (as much as your little heart desires). The mixture will look like mashed potatoes with rice in it (well, I suppose that's what it is.. duh)

Pour in a bit of mustard and a heaping helping of Goddess Dressing (I pray to this stuff three times a day) and mash some more, stir, or whatever, you get the point. A little salt and pepper and voila!!!!

This is seriously easy and seriously good. Seriously.
I've even added some of that Smart BBQ stuff with some damn good effects.

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