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Finished pizza

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Slices of pizza

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Amazing Beet Pizza! posted by Ross


For 1 1/2 lb. Pizza Dough:
1 1/8 C Warm Water
1 1/2 T olive oil
1 1/2 t sea salt(or table)
2 C Whole Wheat Flour
1 1/3 C Unbleached White Flour
1 1/2 t sugar
1 1/2 t yeast

For base sauce:
1 medium-sized beet
For cheesy sauce:
1/2 C water
2 T lemon juice
2 T tahini
2 T nutritional yeast flakes
2 T quick-cooking rolled oats(or normal)
2 t arrowroot or cornstarch
1 t onion granules
1/4 t salt
basil, oregano, salt for seasoning

and optional toppings i.e. onion, mushroom, olives, peppers, etc.


1. So first off you have to get your dough going. I stick my dough ingredients in my breadmaker and let it mix/rise(which takes about 1:20). Or you can kneed, etc. by hand or just use a premade pizza crust. Your choice.

2. Now, fill an average sized pot with water and heat until the water boils. Throw in the beet and boil it for about 10 mins. It'll need to be kind of soft, but not completely since it will bake later anyways.

3. Go ahead and preheat your oven to 450 deg.

4. While you're waiting for stuff to finish, go ahead and make the cheesy sauce. Throw all the ingredients in a blender and blend thoroughly until it's nice and creamy. Then set it aside for the moment.

5. Roll out the crust when it's ready on a flat surface using a rolling pin and massage it, getting the layer of dough as thin as you can without straining too hard. Toss it around in the air if you so desire. I usually do. happy Also build up a little crust around the edges so that when you put the sauce on it won't roll off. Then prick it with a fork all over a bunch to prevent air bubbles when it bakes. Then pop it in the preheated oven on a pizza pan/cookie sheet for just about 3 minutes to pre-bake it. You can also be sauteeing onions/mushroom/whatever you want to use as toppings at this point.

Take the previously boiled beet and strain the water and run cold water over the beet to cool it down, then chop it up into a bunch of pieces. Then stick these pieces in a food processor(or you can continue to chop it finely yourself).

Now spread the beet out over the crust evenly and then pour the cheesy sauce on top, distributing it all over the crust. Use a utensil to spread it out nicely, and don't worry about it mixing in with the beet. Then toss on your toppings how you want em as well as some basil/oregano/salt(pizza seasonings) and pop the pizza in the oven for about 8-10 minutes or as long as it takes the crust to get golden brown.

Take it out and let it cool for about 15 minutes.


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