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Generic Black Bean Salad posted by cac0434


1 cup of Leafy Spinach Greens
1 cup of Romaine Salad
2 oz of Sugar Snap Peas
2-3 Cherry Tomatoes (sliced)
4-5 Carrots
1/2 cup or less of rinsed Black beans (depending on how much you enjoy this delicious bean)
A few dashes of Chicken Fajita Seasoning
1 tbsp of preferred dressing

Optional: Side of steamed broccoli.


In a fairly decent sized bowl, dump black beans and sprinkle seasoning accordingly until beans are properly flavored. Toss together the beans & greens and fluff until beans are settled throughout the bowl. Add other veggies to rest on top, then mix dressing to one's desire.  

This recipe is simple yet effective on the taste buds. It's easy and quick to fix; great for lunch or a late dinner.

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