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HEB has to be the best option for vegans traveling around Texas as it seems that every location has a section just for vegetarians(though not all vegan). In addition, a few of their HEB-brand breads are completely vegan. A couple miles from me is the Hancock Center HEB at 41st and I-35, and there is a complete "natural" section deemed "Nature's Harvest." They've got bulk bins, toilet paper made from recycled materials, rice milk, soy ice cream, and tons more. In addition, you can pretty much always find great deals on organic produce. I've been finding myself doing most of my shopping at Wheatsville lately as it's closer and I like the small, community shopping experience more, but I'm still very satisfied with the selection that the 41st St. HEB offers for vegans.
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    Re: HEB
    Posted by: simon on 2005-05-25 22:08:40
    I'm sorry to report that what HEB offers varies vastly from location to location. In my lower income neighborhood, the two local HEB's - East 7th/Pleasant Valley and Pleasant Valley/Riverside Drive - have only non-organic (and probably gmo) tofu, a mushy soy ground not worth mentioning and, in the frozen section, some processed veggie burgers/soy ground/sausages etc from morning star farms containing whey and similar animal sourced by-products. Even if they were vegan, they'd still be junk food.

    If you can't afford organic or just want cheap fruit and veggies, i'd highly recommended checking out City Market on the corner of Airport Blvd and Oak Springs (12th/13th). You can buy a weeks worth of the stuff for about 20 bucks - highlights include 4 garlic for a dollar, a 15lb bag of potatoes for $1.99, 3 mangos for a buck and so on...

    On the plus side the HEBs do have 2-3 brands of cheap soy milk, but overall I am kind of disgusted by the lack of quality food (vegan or not) and products on offer in their stores - put simply, shop here if you like highly processed food (tortillas have like 50 ingredients!). High fructose corn syrup and/or hydrogenized vegetable oil seem to have been sneaked into everything.

    Another plus is that HEBs are cheap and open 24 hours, when nothing much else is open. If you're not desperate, I would recommend spending some more money, elsewhere, at a business who actually gives a shit about your health...
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    Posted by: seasonedvegan on 2005-06-14 15:14:02
    I am in love with the Hancock Center H-E-B. Feeding a family of four on a pretty tight income can be daunting, and H-E-B as a whole seems to have the best prices of most any grocery store in the country. Available at *all* H-E-Bs (even on the East Side) is the H-E-B brand soymilk, which is exactly the same as Silk and only 1.99. Many Hill Country Fare products are vegan or close to it (we eat honey). They have a decent selection of organic produce that at least some of the time I can afford to buy (Organic apples 2#/$1? sweet!). The Nature's Harvest section has good stuff and in the frozen section there are many of my favorite Garden Burgers that are vegan (and then there Eggingstar Farms too).
    Re: HEB
    Posted by: Gabriel on 2006-02-27 15:03:28
    I like Hancock Center HEB for convenience and vegan options. It's by no means my favorite grocery store, but it is the one I frequent the most. 24 hours and vegan options make me happy. They recently revamped their Nature's Harvest section. I just wish that they would lower their prices in this department as well as get even more vegan items.
    Re: HEB
    Posted by: Jamie on 2006-03-17 22:39:26
    The HEB off I-35 and Parmer has a Nature's Harvest and is a pretty sizeable store.

    One issue I have with HEB is that they spray or wax their fruits and vegetables with all sorts of crap like beeswax etc. I'm wondering if Whole Foods and Wheatsville do this as well??? The cucumbers I find at HEB look especially waxy and gross, which is totally unnecesary.

    That said, a lot of their stuff is less expensive and we end up spending less money when we shop there. We can pretty much find what we need in the Nature's Harvest section, but there have been several occassions when I've not been able to find certain ingredients in recipes and had to go to Whole Foods. Also, the people who work at HEB are usually not very knowledgeable about the products in the store or if they have something or where it's located. I don't even bother asking anymore.

    The HEB down on Congress and Oltorf also has a natural food section, but it was always so messy and sometimes smelly when we shopped there.
      Re: Re: HEB
      Posted by: Ross on 2006-04-02 13:45:13
      i think the vegetables get waxed before they get to the store, it's a supplier type thing. and i can't remember ever getting organic produce that had wax on it there, or anywhere really. they ran out of organic cucumbers once at wheatsville and only had conventional ones, and they had wax on them. it was pretty gross.
    Re: HEB
    Posted by: peter on 2006-07-08 15:55:40
    Just gotta give my 2 cents as well...Definitely have to second Simon's statement on how much the HEBs vary across town. I live northwest and get most groceries at the one at 183 & Braker, which is pretty conservative and yuppie-ish overall w/ some vegan options. There is some organic produce and grocery/frozen items, but no special "natural" section, and they stopped selling soy ice cream (it was cheaper at Whole Foods anyway). The "Nature's Harvest" section is pretty much exclusive to the liberal middle-class sections of town - like the one at SoCo and Oltorf or the Hancock Center one. On the far end of the spectrum, and again seconding Simon's earlier post, the ones on the Eastside are pretty slim pickins. I stopped by the one on Riverside a long time ago and was suprised at how much shit they were labeling and selling as "food".
    Re: HEB
    Posted by: cridget on 2007-04-16 22:39:58
    I wrote a letter about a week ago to HEB expressing my disgust, because they sell foie gras. A big no no. So I refuse to shop there. Thought you should know.

    Re: HEB
    Posted by: mickey on 2010-04-20 16:39:44
    HEB offers healthy options in wealthier neighborhoods. Food is a class war issue in this country, and HEB is on the Capitalist side. I live directly across the street from the HEB at Lamar and Rundberg and can't shop there. Ridiculous.
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