2013/09/07 8:00pm

Taco Cleanse Opening Ceremony
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The opening ceremony of Taco Cleanse 2k13 will commence. A grand sacrifice to the taco gods awaits us as we spread tacoly energy across the universe.

Bring vegan taco fillers for the great feast and throw them in a tortilla! Ideas for what to bring: Salsa, veggie grounds, fajita peppers and onions, vegan queso, daiya shreds, chik'n strips, pico de gallo, guacamole, etc.!

RSVP with what taco filling you're bringing.

Location: RSVP for address

upload picture!
Green RSVPPeople attending: 16
peter- Pepperjack Daiya. And laxatives. (But mostly Daiya.)
carrie +1- Buffalo chik'un, sweet potato mash type thing, and Vegan Nom orange sauce!
Not Wes- filler tbd
lazy smurf- I'm thinking soy curls.
mollyjade- arroz verde
Kristen +1- shredded lettuce, & tofutti sour cream
erick- Tofu scramble
jeff +1- BM (Beyond Meat) and FFL queso
Orange RSVPMaybes: 1
vdizzle- Going to a concert at 6:30, so depending on when that's done, I may be late or absent. But would love to come to this and join in on the taco cleanse
Red RSVPNo Shows: 1
KateS- Decided to start a juice cleanse. Have fun!!
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