2010/11/20 4:30pm

Thanksgiving Potluck!
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Hey gang!

We're doin' it up Thanksgiving style on Saturday, 11/20 @ 4:30pm at Jackie's house: 804 James St. Austin, TX 78704.

Bring a rockin' T-giving dish like stuffing, tofurky, cranberry dressing, pecan pie, pumpkin pie, mashed potatoes, or whatever you can come up with! Make enough to feed 8, and please bring your own dishes, utensils, and serving spoons/forks. As always, make sure dishes have no animal products whatsoever(meat, dairy, eggs, honey, etc.).

And please RSVP at: http://veganaustin.org/event.php?id=358 so we have an accurate count of how many people to expect.
upload picture!
Green RSVPPeople attending: 31
Ross +1-
erick- I'll be bringing a tofurkey as well
carrie +1- Sweet potato casserole, crescent rolls, cranberry sauce.
peter- I call mashed potatoes.
KateS- might be a bit late
roamingvegan +2- maybe an apple / blueberry strudel...
meatbadnoeat- Already have the tofurky in the fridge
esestud- thinking of dessert...maybe just get a whole foods pie
DivaDeVine- Hooray! Sounds delicious!
bthompsonstroud +1-
stephalope- kale/sweet potato delicious party
Zach S +1-
abigail +2- I'll bring the greens (kale avocado salad) that I'll be making on Thanskgiving.
Bob_CK +1- Will probably bring pie.
posirich +1-
Orange RSVPMaybes: 2
Craig?- hmmmmmm.
andrewwadenunn- Anyone want to pick me up from Round Rock? :) I'll cook/bake and stuff :)
Red RSVPNo Shows: 4
Cassandra- Bummer, dudes.
LisaNaomi- Sorry, my volunteer event is until 5 so I can't make it.
Elan- I'll be out of town -- but have fun!
adrienne- gonna be with family that weekend. :(
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