2010/01/23 5:30pm

Southern Fried Potluck
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The last few meet-ups and potlucks have been a bit on the healthy side. By now your new year's resolutions have fizzled and faded. What a better way to break that healthy diet resolution than with a greasy southern fried vegan potluck. So let's eat, drink, and be merry.
BTW, I'm running the 3M half marathon this day so I'm paying my gluttony forward.

Date: 1/23
Location: John's place - 1601 E. 5th #208 78702
Time: 5:30pm

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Green RSVPPeople attending: 23
Daniela- I will go as long as there is something as delicious as that fried photo suggests. :D
peter- Should be able to make it. Will bring the obligatory popcorn tofu (I can't cook.) :P
Ross +1- oh yes, this is what life needs
zvezdy- I'm feeling fat already :)
karen- hell yes.
Gabriel- Mmmmmmm
jeff +1-
Kristen- ohhh yes. I'm a southern fried vegan.
kayla- i'm bringing banana pudding.
mark- grease lightning!
Craig? +1- we'll be there with deep fried bells on.
Jessica.- gonna be late... thinking corndogs?
Daiya-Bollich- Oh yeah, and I'll be late. I might not make it until 6:30. At least I'm bringing a dessert.
erick- Cookies
KateS +1-
Elle- bringing a buddy
Orange RSVPMaybes: 9
sp512- I'll have to see how my first week of classes goes, but WOAH do I want in on some fried action...thinking fried vegan ice cream!! :O
posirich- i believe i'm gonna have to clear my sched. for this
TylerJanuary +1- gonna try to make it and bring my husband!
BeccaGreenIsland +1- yummers
msanna- I really want to come hang and meet you guys. Hopefully I can make it. Southern fried = delish.
Red RSVPNo Shows: 4
Lugaroo- I can't! Im' to poor to drive down there lol...
Not Wes- Argh.
bpmojo- thrashing myself the next morning, so I shouldn't thrash my GI track haha



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